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Flips Bare™ Comfort for pampered soles

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Flips Bare™ was introduced late 2012 to Singapore as the go-between choice for barefoot lovers who wanted the flexibility  of barefoot shoes, as well as the colours and stye of casual summer footwear. There were none that filled that gap at the time!

When the peeps at Flips™ looked at the slew of shoes catering to barefoot enthusiasts in the market, they were mostly designed for the outdoors and sports, and didn't offer much of the fun factor when it came to style and design. 

What we saw as the perfect combination of flexibility, comfort and design versatility, which would give barefoot enthusiasts the same flexibility and a new twist to barefoot wear, was the development of Flips Bare™. Borrowing from the design of classic kungfu shoes (yes, what you see Bruce Lee wearing), and the casual style of espadrilles, Flips Bare™ was born.

A year on, Flips Bare™ is introducing

a Comfort range - with an almost doubled thickness from the insole to outsole, and extra layers for added cushioning. Using the same natural ingredients, same handmade quality, and offering the same flexibility, Flips Bare™ Comfort still upholds our belief in lightweight, lightly made shoes, but comes extra padded top and bottom for pampered soles.

Flips Bare™ Comfort will be available in Singapore from November 2013.  

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