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Q: Do I need to register an account in order to shop at the Flips™ Store?

A: Yes you do. It will help us keep tabs of what products you as well as your valuable feedback, comments, and ideas, so that we can make improvements on Flips™ products over time.

Q: Are the Rewards points convertible to shopping cash?

A: Yes! To find out more about our rewards system, visit the Rewards page.

Q: I don't see my reward points yet, when will I see points accumulated from my recent activity?

A: You will need to do the following before you can see the points reflected in your account:

For new members:
1) Register for a Flips™ account

2) Activate your account from the email confirmation we send you
3) Log in to your newly activated Flips™ account

For existing members who have just made orders:
1) Your points will be automatically entered after payment has been confirmed by the system.

Q: Can I use coupon codes together with my Rewards points?

A: Unfortunately they can't be used together. You can use either one of them at each time but you can't use both together, so choose wisely!

Q: How do I subscribe / unsubscribe to your mailing list?

A: You can "Get the good news" from the sidebars or Home page, at the bottom left corner.  To unsubscribe to the newsletter, you can use the unsubscribe link found in the newsletter emails.

Q: Where are Flips™ made?

A: Our flip-flops and Flips™ Bare covered shoes are manufactured in Thailand, where we feel is home to the best flip-flops in the world. There are also many skilled craftspeople in Thailand, who have been keeping the tradition of high quality handmade shoes alive.

Q: What’s so cool about Flips™?

A: Flips are made using 100% pure, unadulterated natural rubber that is both organic and bio-degradable, which makes it eco-friendly. Not just that, Flips™ are as good as (and probably better) some of the more well-known rubber flip-flop makers out there AND are significantly more affordable, so that it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to own a pair of really good flip-flops.

Flips™ Bare are lightweight slip-ons inspired by Bruce Lee kungfu shoes. By taking classic kungfu slip-ons and melding them with modern summer espadrilles, we’ve created something completely new. Not only are Flips™ Bare light, flexible and 100% handmade, they also come in some really funky textiles for every kind of individual. They are paintable, and perfect for barefootists. Ultimate coolest kungfu shoes in our honest opinion!

Q: So, there are flip-flops that cost less than $5 out there. What’s the difference between Flips and those?

A: Flips’ main ingredient is natural, pure rubber, whereas the ones that cost very little out there are in most cases made of foam or plastic. That’s the main difference and it makes a WORLD of a difference. Those will feel very light, and are probably not easy to bend. Try this trick the next time you hit the malls: Bend the slippers inwards or outwards. Once you do this, you’ll appreciate the difference in Flips™. So every dollar that you pay for Flips goes towards every ounce of natural rubber that goes into the flip-flops. Another cool fact!

Q: I see similar slip-on covered shoes that cost less, what’s the deal with that? I thought Flips™ was about good prices?

A: This is where it gets personal for Flips™. Sure, other brands may offer similar slip-ons at a slightly lower cost, but Flips Bare are 100% ethically handmade. Yes, every single pair of Flips Bare was painstakingly sewn, glued, and hand-moulded before it reached the stores, while many brands are mass produced by factories using machines, and don’t endure the many labors of Flips™ Bare.

What you wear or will wear is not a cookie-cutter pair of shoes. Like we said, every pair of Flips™ Bare comes with a personal touch.

Q: Why are Flips™ flip-flops so darn comfortable?

A: That lies in the fact that we use a high percentage of 100% pure, natural rubber in making our flip-flops. So what you’re getting in every pair of flips is a pair of really high quality rubber flip-flops.

Q: I find Flips™ Bare lighter than other shoes. Was this a deliberate decision and why?

A: Flips™ Bare was created with lightness in mind. Swift as an eagle and light as a feather, in the spirit of Bruce Lee. We kept things light, flexible and breathable so that you could stay sure-footed in every step. In also keeping to our barefoot walking beliefs, we wanted to give you something to keep you quite grounded while offering protection to your feet and style in every pair.

Q: Are Flips safe to wear on rainy days?

A: Flips™ are great for rainy days. The soles are made to grip well on wet surfaces to give you non-skid wearability. Go on and walk in the rain!

Q: Where else can I buy Flips?

A: Flips™ is available all over Singapore. To find out if a reseller is near you, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . For other markets, please visit our Wholesale page.

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