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NTU Pumpfest 2011

Flips™ was a prize sponsor at NTU's Pumpfest 2011 held at Millennia Walk. Pumpfest 2011 is the ultimate collegiate-organised bouldering event that brings in the biggest talents in bouldering from the college...

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Flips™ available in the Philippines

Our friendly flip-flops are now available in the Philippines, under the distributorship of Tan & Tan Mega Innovations, Inc. The tropical climate of the Philippines make flip flops the most popular choice of footwear...

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Fash-eccentric review

Fash-eccentric gave an honest review of Flips™ in early 2011, when Flips™ was just a newbie in the scene. We loved that the writer sought the advise of a true beach-loving soul, who decreed, Flips™ were...

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